Terms Of Service

*Note: The English version is provided for your help. The original version is written in Japanese.


These Terms Of Service describes the terms of your access to and use of the EACH services (the "Services"). All rights are reserved unless particularly mentioned. Using the Services you agree to be bound the terms.


The Services don't collect any privacy information, such as your name, address, email address, login ID, password besides you contacting explicitly. The Services collects some or all data how the services are used. The raw data will not be published.

Ristrictions of the Services

The Services are provided "as is". The user interface or features of the Services would be modified without notification. The Services might be disabled to unfair use.


The Services don't guarantee any loss even if the possiblily of the loss was notified. The Services include hyperlinks to other web sites. The Services, however, don't give any guarantee such web sites.

Update of the Terms

The Terms of the Service might be updated.

Effective: April 1, 2010