Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

*Updated(Nov 16, 2016): Some features are not working (at this moment) because the server is moving.

Q. What service is EACH?
A. EACH is the service to help you finding information what you need with your favourite web site.

Q. When I press a button, I leave from EACH. Why can't I use EACH repeatly?
A. EACH doesn't copy neighter use any content of other web sites, e.g., web scraping. This is not technical difficulty but also keeping their business, e.g., advertising. That's why EACH doesn't use HTML frame. Please add EACH as your favourite site.

Q. I pressed [Alt]+[A] to invoke [Favourites] menu of Internet Explorer but the "amazon" site is shown.
A. EACH uses a lot of shorcut keys (AccessKey). You may invoke a service by pressing [Alt]+[key] in IE/Safari/Chrome or [Shift]+[Alt]+[key] in FireFox or [Shift]+[Esc]+[key] in Opera. You press [Alt]+[Q] then the input box will get focus.
Since the EACH definitions of shortcut keys prior a browser definitions, the browser's shortcut keys are disabled in such case.
*You may invoke "favorites" by pressing [Alt]+[Z].
The current shortcut key definitions of EACH are the followings;

AAmazonJ(unused)S(Safety menu)1USA Today
BBingKAskT(Tool menu)2Wall Street Journal
C(unused)L(unused)UYouTube3New York Times
D(address bar)MmyspaceV(View menu)4Los Angeles Times
E(Edit menu)NAnswersWWikipedia5Washington Post
F(File menu)O(unused)X(unused)6Time
H(Help menu)QInput BoxZ(Favorite button)8CNet news

*() means the IE8 shortcut key definitions. The definitions might be different depending on a browser. The EACH shortcut key definitions might be changed in future.

Q. Isn't there any assist feature, e.g., showing candidate in a drop box, like google input box? A. Not implemented at this moment.

Q. What is the "Good Luck!" button
A. Choose a web site at random among the followings (each web site has same chance);

Q. Some buttons show overline or underline on it's caption. What does it mean?
A. A button which shows Overline requires multiple parameters. EACH passes parameters which are splitted by "blank" (space) characters when invoke a web site which requires multiple parameters. You can see what parameters are required as button's tooltip.
A button which shows Underline accepts URL parameter. It must start with "http://" (or "https://").
Some browsers don't show Overline/Underline.

Q. There are too long captions on buttons.
A. Sorry.

Q. What OS and browsers are verified?
A. Only Internet Explorer and FireFox on Windows are verified. If you encounter visual issues, please tell me your environment via Contact. I will fix them as possible.

Q. What rules do you follow to choose web sites for EACH?
A. No specific rule. The definitions might be changed in future without notification.

Q. Can I customize the web sites personally?
A. You can't do at this moment.

Q. I entered a URL to be shorten, then press the "bit.ly" button. It doesn't work.
A. You can't omit "http://" (or "https://") to enter a URL.

Q. Why don't you choose some popular services?
A. EACH chooses services what can be invoked in "GET" method and doesn't choose services what are invoked in "POST" method. Any invoke is equivalent to a hyperlink eventually in "GET" method. EACH also omit services what require "ID" or "timestamp" looks avoiding automatic invoke.
*Note It's technical reason but it doesn't mean technical difficulties. EACH can choose any services if they are allowed.

Q. Why do you choose 9 columns by 11 rows?
A. It must be fit with 1024x768 screen and I think "99" buttons is "cool" choice.

Q. I want to let you know a service to be added.
A. Please tell me with Contact.

Q. Remove our services from EACH
A. Sorry. Please tell me with Contact to be removed. Please use your official email address to reply. I will remove after I confirm it's an official request.

Q. Will you remove the EACH services after April 1st?
A. I'll keep it for a while.

Q. Who is the operator?
A. It's me.